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Indigenous art


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Global . Association. of Indigenous . Artisans

The G.A.I.A Co-op will have a

Wixarika (Huichol) Art Exhibition & Fundraiser


July 28-30/2023

@ StarBelly Jam

Crawford Bay, B.C

All Pieces are for sale & proceeds go directly back to the artists, their families and to help preserve their sacred pilgrimage lands of the Wirikuta.

“It’s horrible. All who depend on direct sales are suffering beyond belief. ”

Marta Turok of the Franz Mayer Museum

Mexico City 

indigenous art
GAIA Intro

"Indigenous Peoples often lack formal recognition over their lands, territories and natural resources, are often last to receive public investments in basic services and infrastructure and face multiple barriers to participate fully in the formal economy, enjoy access to justice, and participate in political processes and decision making.

Indigenous children

creating  internally driven economies, that embrace a deep cultural union, and preservation of Art and Culture

Creating traditional art cooperatives for indigenous artists, connected through a global network of philanthropy and


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