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Adetayo Adewale Adepegba

I'm  Adepegba Adetayo Adewale, 29years old 

I'm from a polygamous family, I had 7 sisters I'm the only son and last born of the family.
I was born in Saki, Oyo State, Nigeria.
this place is an ancient rocky town, it looks like a place for an adventure to me.

 First memories of my artistic talent, and how my friends and family reacted to it:
when I was a kid I love to draw and I do play alone because I hate distraction, whenever I'm angry or confused when I see the artwork I will be ok.

I was discouraged by my teacher when I'm in primary 2, this woman always beat me because am always drawing inside my notebook.
since then I struggled to find myself back to art due to financial aid, I started with pencil work, whenever I have money I do save money to buy pencil.
I worked for a year to save money to buy paint because art materials are very expensive in Nigeria.

I started painting last year in August 2021, that is how I started painting without any guidance.
my artwork gives me joy and hope whenever I see what I paint 

How family and friends reacted to it!
Nobody sees me as someone who has a future, nobody sees the talent in me, whenever I paint and I showed it to my mother she will say, I should do something that will fetch me money because I didn't have a job to feed myself, she is the one feeding me.
I had a pastor friend is the one that made me discover my talent, he mentor me on how to discover myself. whenever he said i should do something I will see a good result.

White Structure

Hours 24hours 
Title: Dead but standing 
Size 12×16
Oil on unstretched canvas 

Dead but standing


According to the painting, there is nothing that can survive in that area because it's desert, and the tree is dead but it never falls for over 100years.
This means no matter how unpleasant things are you can survive.

Parallel Lines

Fuera De Nunu Hawker 

This tribe are Fulani from Nigeria ,their male are cow rearer and their female sale fuera de nunu (cow milk )

Size: 22×11

Oil on unstretched canvas

White Structure

Title: fearless warrior

Oil on unstretched canvas


Fearless Warrior

This is a black (Africa) warrior which is very skillful in fighting with just a spear and shield

Parallel Lines

Old Age Tears

Size:  2ft×2ft
Oil on canvas 

My name is Adepegba Adetayo Adewale from Nigeria ,i'm an artist,I did this painting early this year.i chose to paint this piece seeing my mother's face when I lost my father I felt empathy, I decided to paint what I saw in her face in another direction .