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Kathy S. "WhiteBear" Copsey

Kathy S. "WhiteBear" Copsey is an American artist, with Native American and European heritage, who focuses on contemporary Native-themed artwork featuring animals and Native Americans.  Born in Southern California, she dabbled with other mediums while growing up, she focused on pencil drawings starting around 7 years old and was well-known for drawing horses.  Although she specializes in acrylic paintings with texture (mixed media), she also enjoys working with several other mediums including making jewelry, pencil drawings, freehand (digital) drawings, writing, music composition, photography, and videography.  She is a self-taught artist with a strong background in art and music, having worked in multiple positions including computer graphics, custom picture framing, as a self-employed musical instrument repair technician, and managing a music store for many years, and she now focuses purely on her art as a full-time artist.

White Structure

Original Acrylic Painting with Texture (Mixed Media) on 30x24" Canvas, thin gallery wrap with painting around edges.  Wired & ready to hang.

Tatanka (Updated, adj).jpg


When in the process of deciding what piece to create next, sometimes I have little "signs" show up for me, whether it be a repeated images or references to a specific animal or subject matter, and sometimes as one of three levels of either an idea, an image, or as far as a vision.   This piece came into creation as I started receiving such signs, giving me a driving force strong enough to put aside a different piece I was working on to create this one, as often happens when it's important for me to complete a specific piece. I created this acrylic painting with texture to enhance the feeling of being up close to the magnificent creature, using texture for the fur and coating the eyes, and it is called "Tatanka" which is the Native American tribe Lakota's word for Bison and means "Big Beast."  The Bison, also commonly known as a Buffalo, is a symbol of gentleness and moderation as well as abundance and manifestation and is considered as a very special and sacred spirit in Native American culture.

Parallel Lines

With Guidance Along The Path

Along our paths, many changes come throughout our lives. Sometimes they are frequent, and other times they come seldom. Often times we may resist these changes, but we must remember that they are for a reason.  Sometimes they are meant to help us grow, and other times to help move us along our path because the influence of others has become too strong and has stopped us in our path. Often we can’t hear our true purpose because we have become so buried in the influence of others around us or perhaps the stress of our own particular challenges at that moment. It is not until we learn to stop resisting the guidance we are receiving and accept the changes that we begin to clear the noise both around us and within us.

Sometimes what seems like a huge change later becomes small when we look back at it later in time, and sometimes what seemed like such an incredibly small change was actually a fairly large step we needed to take. To reach our true purpose in life, we must be willing to accept the changes and steps necessary in life for us to find it, and then, fulfill our purpose.  Each and every step is guided, even when it may not seem so at times.  Often we are guided by those directly around us, but even when there are seldom few with the answers we seek directly around us, we always have the guidance of our animal guides and our ancestors.

Don’t be afraid to accept change in your life. It may be scary at first, but in the end, each change will guide you to where you are supposed to be, will help you reach your destiny, and will help you fulfill your true purpose in life.

Acrylic Paint with Glitter Highlights & Texture (Mixed Media) on 20x16" Canvas, thin gallery wrap with painting around edges.  Wired & ready to hang.

With Guidance Along The Path.jpg
White Structure

Original Acrylic Painting with Texture (Mixed Media) on 24x20" canvas, thin gallery wrap with painting around edges.  Wired & ready to hang.

Our Guardian Spirits.jpg

Our Guardian Spirits

Some Native American tribes believe strongly the owl is a messenger, & some believe the owl to be very wise.  One tribe believes if you dream about an owl that it will become your guardian while another tribe believes the owl is a spiritual guardian of the sacred sequoia trees.

Sometimes our paths are very clear. We know where we’re going and what to do in our lives.  But, sometimes our path is not so clear.  There are many things that happen throughout our lives which we may not fully understand why they happened until much later.  

We may think we know what’s happening as we go along our journeys, but sometimes we need hints of where to go next or when we are in quest of some answers.  Sometimes these clues we receive are easy to decipher, but other times we must be patient for the full understanding of the messages we receive to come to us at the right time. Sometimes, we are unable to proceed towards our goals because the ancestors are protecting us from harm by holding us back, & other times because we must first learn something before we can move forwards.

Whatever your path is or where your journey may lead you, always be mindful of the messages your ancestors send you.  Even when you are unsure of what a message you’ve received may mean, do your best to follow the path you are meant to. Listen to your ancestors & guardian spirits. Let them protect you & help you through the challenges you may face along your journey.  Listen for the wisdom & guidance of your ancestors, & they will guide you along your journey. And, when the time is right, they will help you reach your destination.

Parallel Lines

Precious Gifts & Blessings

For the many who venture to see Yosemite National Park, they find it to be a peaceful and beautiful place often beyond words.  But, for Native American tribes that once called Yosemite home for thousands of years before being forced out such as the Southern Sierra Miwok tribe, it is a sacred place, a place we can still feel the presence of our ancestors calling to us.

Whether it’s Tesaiyac (Half Dome), ‘Üshumati (the bear, a great protector and healer), Wip•aya•ku (the eagle, a great messenger), any of our other brothers and sisters, or our ancestors, they all call to us to return to and honor our home.  To a place filled with abundance, but one where we never took more than we needed.  A place we honored our ancestors and animals, our brothers and sisters, and so much more for we valued every single thing around us.  A place that is our home, no matter where we may live.

Our ancestors reside in us, call to us, teach, guide, and protect us in so many ways.  Whether you are from the Southern Sierra Miwok, another Native tribe, or are not Native at all, you must always be willing to learn and hear what your ancestors are telling you.  They are always there to guide us along our paths, but we first must be willing to listen. So often we get caught up in our life’s that we can’t hear their guidance. But if we stop to listen, to take the time to hear them, we will begin to find the peace we are seeking within and so much more.

We must always be grateful for the blessings we have and receive, and look at all around us with an appreciation. Open your mind and eyes to see the beauty that is all around you. Appreciate and honor the value of the blessings you have around you at every single moment. For each and every moment in time and every single thing, whether it is living or not, is something to be appreciated and honored, for they are all precious blessings.

Original Acrylic Painting with Texture (Mixed Media) on 28x22" Canvas, thin gallery wrap with painting around edges.  Wired & ready to hang.

Precious Gifts & Blessings.jpg
White Structure

Acrylic & Metallic Acrylic Paint with Texture (Mixed Media) on 18x14" Canvas, thin gallery wrap with painting around edges.  Wired & ready to hang.

Messengers Of Joy.jpg

Messengers Of Joy

There are so many blessings and gifts in the beauty all around us every single day, at any given moment. But sometimes we forget to pause long enough to see and hear it them.

Hummingbirds are quite amazing, and they remind us to find the joys in life. These incredible birds are the only birds that can fly backwards and even upside down! And, another amazing thing is they can remember every single place they’ve ever been to get nectar, this being something we can definitely take a lesson from by learning to remember the positives of each experience we go through.

Even when we thought of a particular situation as being a “bad” or negative experience, we must remember these things are meant to help us grow and move forwards into our destines. There is always a positive side and blessings within.

Learn to find the joy and a positive view of things.  Learn to flip the script inside your head.  There’s always something to find joy and beauty in, no matter what challenges you may face. Never give up on your dreams. Enjoy the blessings and gifts you have received in life, and always be grateful for them. And, help share the joy with all others the best you can because this too is a beautiful gift and blessing.

Parallel Lines

Messages From Our Ancestors

When we are seeking answers along our journey, our ancestors will help guide us by sending us messages, sometimes in different forms. Sometimes the messages they send us are clear. Sometimes they are visible, but we must determine what they are. And other times they can be disguised, letting us know there is a message, even if it’s not distinguishable at first, but if we work towards figuring it out, we will find our answer.

Sometimes the answers we seek come readily, and sometimes they come after time has passed because we have not traveled far enough in our journeys yet, and we must wait for more pieces of the puzzle to fall into place.

We must be willing to wait and be patient to reach the full understanding of each message and for us to receive the message.  Whether we know what the message is right away or must work to determine the meaning, we must be willing to accept the message and do our best to understand and follow each message, for this is a way the ancestors guide us.  Be patient for them to come, and always be listening and watching for the messages from our ancestors.

Original Acrylic Painting with Texture (Mixed Media) on 20x16" Canvas, thin gallery wrap with painting around edges.  Wired & ready to hang.

Messages From Our Ancestors.jpg
White Structure

Acrylic Paint & Ink plus Iridescent, Metallic, & Glitter Highlights w/ Texture (Mixed Media) on 40x30" Canvas, thin gallery wrap with painting around edges.  Wired & ready to hang. Local pickup available upon arrangement.

In Honor Of All Those Who Come To Protect & Guide Me.jpg

In Honor Of All Those Who Come To Protect & Guide Me

Throughout our lives we are given many challenges. But, we are also given many blessings, some of which come in the form of our animal spirits and guides.

They may come to us in the form of a pet who stays with us for many years or a brief encounter, just long enough to be seen and recognized. They may come to us through visions and dreams, or perhaps in person.  However they come, they are all blessings, guiding us, protecting us, and giving us strength and courage so often when we need it most.  Often they comfort us through hard times, and sometimes they come to warn us of danger. Other times they may simply be messengers, bringing us something we may need to hear or become aware of.

For whatever reason or how they may come to us, we must always remember to honor and thank them for their blessings.

Parallel Lines

A Dream Of The Elk

Not long ago I had a dream of this elk. In my dream, I had picked up a painting I had done and while gazing upon the elk, suddenly I heard his voice speaking to me. The image changed to the control panel of when I am adding a new piece of art to my website, and he was saying “add 33 to the inventory and prepare for lots of sales.” At first, I didn’t understand what the 33 meant, but then I found out that this painting is number 33 of the pieces of art I have done that are geared towards a Native American theme.

The road can be difficult when following your heart.  Along our journey we are often met with obstacles and challenges which can make us worry about reaching our goals. But, one of the challenges we face is to block out that worry for it can only undermine our dreams. We must realize that like the elk, we have the freedom to make our choices and follow the path of our choosing. We also must be patient while following our heart and continue on, no matter what is thrown in our path, for that is how we shall reach our dreams and goals.

Original Acrylic Painting with Texture (Mixed Media) on 16x12" canvas, thin gallery wrap with painting around edges.  Wired & ready to hang.