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The Art


The Artists

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Iyari Arts

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The Team

Iyari Arts

We are a group of international advocates for indigenous cultural preservation, land conservation, and creative arts expression for the future generations on Planet Earth.
Spanning across the globe, we unite to support theWixarika Nation through art distribution which reflects their cultural way of life and ancient heritage.
Now more than ever we are reaching out worldwide to raise money for the tribe as they seek to reclaim their lands and their heritage that has slowly been taken from them and is at risk of full dissolution.
Through art sales we are able to fund families to continue their cultural way of life, travel expenses to their holy lands, and the reclamation of their sovereignty as an indigenous

Iyari Arts
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What Do YouKnow About theWixarika?


The Wixarika people, also known as the Huicholes, are an indigenous community who live in the Sierra Madre Occidental of Mexico along the states of Jalisco, Zacatecas, Durango and Nayarit.
They are one of the few indigenous people in Mexico that still preserve their pre-Columbian traditions.
Wixarika spirituality is based on their connection with the elements (earth, wind, fire, water) and the spirits of the different places of power, or sacred sites, located throughout their Mexican territory


Where art meets cultural heritage

The Wixarika Nation have led the way in fine beadwork for generations. Through their ancient way of life, they learnfrom the natural environment how to weave jewelry, paint the story of creation, and bead scultpures of the Nature itself. Inspired by the stories of their ancestors, this art not only captures beauty, it captures living history, frozen in time in a priceless piece of magnificence. By preserving art, for the Wixarika, you are preserving their culture. Bypreserving culture, you preserve a way of life for their future generations to live on and prosper the way they havedone for thousands of years.


Art to fund the future of Planet Earth

Currently, thousands of acres of land are at stake in Wirikuta, the location of the Wixarika's Holy lands for their annual pilgrimage and heart of their entire culture.
Iyari Arts and the Wirikuta Preservation Project have teamed up to thread art as the monetary source of abundance in which to preserve this sacred land and the future of biodiversity in the Chihuahua Desert Area. As we preserve land through art we spread the vibration of creativity and hope for the future to steward the living biology of this planet for many more generations to come.

This is the way of the future.

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